The title is storyshiftshift

It is where Asriel, Toriel, Napstablook, Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, Mettaton, Asgore and Chara swap the same way in storyshift... twice...

Flowey/Asriel - Alphys

Toriel - Asriel

Napstablook - Asgore

Sans - Mettaton

Papyrus - Napstablook

Undyne - Papyrus

Alphys - Sans

Mettaton - Toriel

Asgore - Chara

Chara - Undyne

Minor changes

  • Worn dagger and heart locket is replaced with energy spear and rusty armor


  • Flowey is replaced with a new flower called "Alphy"
  • Asriel is the caretaker for RUINS and often comes to find fallen humans
  • Asgore comes to RUINS at times to doze about, Asriel sometimes sees him around
  • Mettaton is the lazy sentry in Snowdin but still shows off his glamour
  • Napstablook is eager to catch a human to join the royal guard and his mixtape is still spooky
  • Papyrus is the head of the royal guard and he also has a code which is "S. P. A. G. H. E. T. T. I." which stands for "Special Power And Godly" Heavenly Extremely Twenty Two Instakill"
  • Sans is the royal scientist of the underground and the modifier of Toriel and still does pranks
  • Toriel is the cyborg star of the underground and has a resort connecting to CORE known as "TRL Resort"
  • Chara (Somehow) is the queen of the underground
  • Alphys had a crush on Undyne before they both died. Alphys took Undyne's SOUL to fulfill Undyne's last wish "to see the golden flowers of her village" but Alphys eventually got killed by a bunch of Undynes because they thought Alphys had killed One of their kind
  • Undyne narrates the game

Possible spin-offs

  • Napstablook Disbelief
  • Sans NEO
  • Error!Mettaton
  • PokeStoryshiftshift
  • Storyshiftswap
  • Ink Mettaton
  • ChocoStoryshiftshift
  • TrainerStoryshiftshift


  • Alphy's photoshop form is not known yet

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