• Wiki Temmie

    Shes a really awesome person and always stands up for me! My best tem!

    We arent exactly "friends" but they are a nice user. They are actually pretty responsible and nice once you get to know them.

    Drama and shit happened, but where frends now =^°^=

    Awesome sprite maker! The only new admin who actually deserves rights.

    She is strict and rude but also has a nice side. Isnt the best at maintaning the Wiki though...

    Is immature and does not deserve Admin rights at all

    I dont get why they are admin..

    Can be an aashole sometimes but meh..

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  • Wiki Temmie


    July 9, 2017 by Wiki Temmie

    So much drama going on. Guess I'll just watch the users tear apart the wiki. Anyone want some popcorn? Thanks Dusty, for bringing popcorn!

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  • Wiki Temmie

    I'm not dead

    June 28, 2017 by Wiki Temmie

    I cut myself for every day i was gone, cried myself to sleep, got in trouble, and had a shitty weekend, but im still alive.

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  • Wiki Temmie

    Staff Problems

    June 17, 2017 by Wiki Temmie

    I feel we should demote some of the staff and replace them since some never do their job

    Wikit is lame

    Shadikal is barely active and deletes things that are perfectly fine, and do not need to be deleted. Jamjam, however, is an expert at coding, and is in chat almost everyday

    Eevetale is always on chat and Derpy harases users

    If jam cant be admin, then maybe goodangel can be demoted instead. Goodangel id barely active and when she is, its usually to comment on Ink!Sans or Papergams page. Again, jamjam is ALWAYS active.

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  • Wiki Temmie

    Wiki Problems...

    June 2, 2017 by Wiki Temmie

    Hello, it is me, Wiki Temmie. I am an Admin.

    The AU Wiki is pretty much trying to copy the Undertale Wiki. Unsuccessfully. Seriously guys, the header color code is #5F2C60. Anyways, its sad. The AU Wiki is trying to have the same design as the Undertale Wiki, with the headers, and even the Main Page for god's sake. They even try to copy the Infobox. Which also fails terribly. The Undertale one is very small and organized, and it has a nice pure black to it, matching the background of the Wiki. The AU Wiki, however, has a large, gray infobox, that overflows with unnecessary info. The AU Wiki tries terribly to be the Undertale Wiki, but fails. Kinda like that "hey can I copy your homework?" Meme.

    I recommend you try to find your own style, AU …

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