• Wiki Temmie


    August 21, 2017 by Wiki Temmie

    The Wiki is filled with plagarism, harassment, ignorance, and professionalism. I've been harrased and falesley accused of many things I didnt do and everyone ignores me. So that is why....

    I am leaving Wikia

    After tomorrow, I will make an account, and I will make a new fresh start.

    ❤Goodbye Everyone!💔

    UPDATE: Although I have left, I will be coming every once in a while to update my pages and AUs, because I don't want them to be deleted. And no, I won't give the name to my acc, until one month passes.

    UPDATE 2:Ill be on just to update this blog post and respond to more fucking idiots who can't learn that canon and fanon aren't the samr.

    FINAL UPDATE: disabling my acc, bye guys c:

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  • Wiki Temmie

    I'm losing hope every day that passes for the wiki ;-;

    Staff Problems

    Most staff dont know what they're doing, and do not seem to have any experience on Wikia. Some users, like ColtenEnsor are only ten to eleven years of age, and some are known to harass users. And seriously, isn't there ANY actual way of promoting users? There are like, 20 admins! And I don't approve of the demotion system either, which is just a poll/a bureacrat saying "youre losing your rights at the end of the week", while they repeatedly ask you questions on your message wall, while you're literally fucking blocked for no reason. I'm looking at you, Alphasaith.

    The Wiki and it's Pages

    Most pages have no hope of improving and are just overall shitty. Only 5% are actually dec…

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  • Wiki Temmie


    August 16, 2017 by Wiki Temmie

    Today is my birthday, I already feel like there's gonna be a fight or something, and its gonna ruin my day :|

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  • Wiki Temmie

    Holy shit..

    August 12, 2017 by Wiki Temmie

    If you go to my profile and press and hold on my profile pic (the large box with a pic of nepeta on it), it will flip into a circle! How cool is that?!

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  • Wiki Temmie

    Shes a really awesome person and always stands up for me! My best tem!

    We arent exactly "friends" but they are a nice user. They are actually pretty responsible and nice once you get to know them.

    Drama and shit happened, but where frends now =^°^=

    Awesome sprite maker! The only new admin who actually deserves rights.

    She is strict and rude but also has a nice side. Isnt the best at maintaning the Wiki though...

    Is immature and does not deserve Admin rights at all

    I dont get why they are admin..

    Can be an aashole sometimes but meh..

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