Vincent Endethyst

aka Doomin (demon)

  • I live in The land of the free and the home of the brave (United States).
  • I was born on June 26
  • My occupation is Administrator for the Undertale AU Wiki, Creep Catcher, student, amateur artist, amateur voice actor, 6-tale creator, 6-tale wiki founder, POWERFUL DEHMON
  • I am In great pain, please help me.
  • Vincent Endethyst

    Here are the Sins in their human forms.

    Left to right: Terracus, Hades, Blasphus, Boravus, Beowulf.

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  • Vincent Endethyst

    Yeah,it’s just that it’s gotten boring here on the wiki. My favorite users are now almost never on, and besides, I got school (although this is the last day before spring break for me). Dunno how long it’ll be, but I’ll just be goin on one since I’m kinda bored here. Alrighty, see ya peeps!

    Behave, s’il vous plait...

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  • Vincent Endethyst

    Welp, this is just a random thing I made featuring the United European Anti Nazism Freedom Fighters. I’ll do more of these, featuring my other ocs from time to time. Welp, let’s get into this. Also, to better understand this, here are the members next to their ethnicities and their positions

    Archie: Commander and tactician, British

    Conan: Demolitions expert, Irish

    Tavish: Heavy weapons, Scottish

    Jürgen: Sniper, German

    Adríen: Medic, French

    Yuri: Munitions expert, Russian

    Marisa: Scout, Spanish

    Sabrina: Spy, Italian

    Cyril: Pyrotechnics, Belgian

    Cristòvão: Sabateur, Portuguese

    Jacinda: Gunner, Greek

    Alrighty, let’s get into this.

    • Japanese girl: Smile!

    Japanese girl 2: Sweet!

    Japanese girl 3: Sister!

    Japanese girl 4: Sadistic!

    Japanese girl 5: Surprise!


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  • Vincent Endethyst

    Please don’t be offended if you’re not here. These are only the couples I know of.

    -AnonymousShade (AnonymousAnonomoose x Rubyshade)

    -Billygoat (DustyTheGoat X Billybobmcjoe)

    -Pyrofeesh (Psuet x HentaiPyroGirl)

    -KillerDoomin (KillerSall500 x Vincent Endethyst)

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  • Vincent Endethyst

    New Art!

    February 14, 2018 by Vincent Endethyst

    Comparing Seraph Haven!Terracus and Demon Lord Terracus. This piece was done by me without bases. Well, actually, the only base I used were the wings on Haven!Terracus. Well, enjoy! , if you’re wondering why Haven has no hands, it’s because I couldn’t figure out what his hands would look like.

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