Toriel walked down some stairs in the Ruins, she told Frisk they lead to her house, which was deeper underground than they already were. They got into her home, with no problems at all(besides a Whimsum stuck in a pipe, which Frisk touched and it flew off, unharmed). "Now, my child, this is where we depart, this is my basement, you can play in here for a while, but do NOT go behind that curtain, its DANGEROUS. I have great trust in you, young one." Toriel said. Frisk tried to follow her, but she saw them. "My child! Do not follow me! The other monsters shan't see you!" And she left without another word. The basement was very bright. Torches on every corner of the ceiling. Frisk looked around, they saw a box that had a scratched up word, Frisk knew it  read "Toys". Frisk opened it, and were amazed to see a whole bunch of dolls, marbles, and other cool toys. Frisk pulled out a toy knife first. They stared at it and then started to pretend they were fighting a fierce dragon. Frisk put the knife in the box, and looked at the curtain Toriel told them not to go behind. Frisk looked at it for a short while, then walked towards it. They pulled the curtain to see a picture. One picture on the very messy wall. Whats this? Frisk thought, as they looked closer. It was all ripped up, and there were scribbles all over. There was a little word written on it. Frisk assumed it said "No" or "Not". Frisk got away from the curtain, and went back to playing.

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