It was a cold, wet day in Mt. Ebott. Frisk, a young, curious child one day climbed this mountain. They wanted to see the wonders there, but instead of wonders and happiness, there lies a tragedy.  Frisk was investigating a cave when.. Suddenly.. They fell...  Soon they woke up. There they lay on a bed of flowers. As they heard a voice talking to them self. "I could of sworn I heard something." the voice said, getting louder by the minute. Frisk stood up. Then they turned around. A goat. A goat was standing in front of them. No, Frisk thought.

it can't be. "Hello, my child." said the goat, with a friendly smile. Frisk waved shakily, but nicely. "Don't be scared, my child. Oh! I forgot to introduce myself, I am Toriel. Caretaker of the Ruins. Or the Ruined Ruins..." Toriel did a quiet giggle. Frisk walked toward Toriel. Toriel's eyes were scaring Frisk, but they trusted her. Her eyes... They looked tired. And the right one was... Gone... Toriel grabbed Frisk's hand so she could lead them through the ruins.

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