Okay everyone, I have some BIG news, I'm adding a new story to the wiki, it's called Terror In The Underground.(My friend chose the name) But it may be crappy. The characters especially. This wasn't just made by me, it was also made by my friends IRL, Damien and Makayla, but this story is meant to be feelsy, and the main setting was chosen by Makayla, the main setting is silly, but its Temmie Village(which has grown and is now called Temmie City), however, there are supposed to be 3 main characters, but for now there are 2,(Makayla's OC Temmie Kid, and Undertale Papyrus) add a comment below for who should be the 3rd main character, and the 3rd one is REALLY important. Hopefully you enjoy the story when it comes out!

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