S.T: these are the facts as i see them

S.T: Createsans had an unvictorious well conflict against my stupid creator and they in a way lost

S.T:so.... this also means i won against her OCs.

S.K:how does that work?

S.T: it just does O.K?

S.K: well the score is 1-0 least no one died

Swap:your forgetting all the other battles against Create's "team".

Swap:also, The Soul Fragments you made have been given hosts already.I think you should hurry up and end this so we can find them.

S.T:i'll just freeze the storyline

Swap:okay then

S.K: well there seems to be an angry horde of soulless Create clones you used for target practice at are door.

S.T: how did they get out! *runs away with the rest of them

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