Our wiki is a wiki about Undertale AUs. 1/3 of the people that come here, are trying to find information. another third comes to tell us our fandom sucks. The third third come here to call Createsans and her OCs,an admin,cringey.We have a wondeful staff that drives each other crazy.Let's talk about them.There are two bureaucrats: LunaDeaminac, and UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings.

LunaDeaminac is a good bureaucrat is a good staff member, but is pissed for being dragged into everything because she's the only higher ranking staff member that knows how to run this place.Great person.

UndetaleAUwikipersonandthings (wikiperson for short) is considered the not as good bureaucrat and often makes rash decisions.They hate Createsans,and can't remember why they gave her admin.She's trying to find a way to demote him.They have 12 other accounts he uses.9 of them they used to evade bans.They like kicking people from chat.There an......ok person. He also kicks for no reason and spams a lot. He hates anyone who joins the wiki.

Next time we'll talk about are admins.Thank you

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