The admins are usually the staff members who get into conflict with someone.Don't ask me how, but if there's a conflict then they have to join in magically.


Currently away from the wiki due to conflict (told ya),Createsans hates Wikiperson who acts as if they are a steel wall and Createsans is trying to break them with a cotton ball.They also own a lot of OCs and AUs.She also has a youtube account called CamDoesGaming which I am currently suscribed to.Due to her youtube name and her human OC named Cameron I am assuming her name is Cameron.They are slightly better than Wikiperson personality wise.They also get hated on by every Fandom User in existance


WikiC for short, is a good admin with a kind heart but is constantly wantign bureaucrat. They have good interactions with most users. They have good experience in being staff but not my recommended candidate for bureaucrat.

Tahhnk ya fohr comin' to tis wikie.Mor o' tis comin'. (grammar systems failure)

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