¨Hmmm.Darkness.Very familiar.Oh yes!Kidnap!By that stupid egghead.Wait.Was that today?No,no,no,no,today was that thing with K and E.Maybe I was by someone else.Cloth over me head?Nope.Backpack?Check.Not kidnapped.Hmmm.AH!¨ I opened the Backpack looking for the light thingy.I am S.T if you were wondering.You may have heard of me.Probably not.I´m more well known from where I come from.Oh yes those things I said before.That was what I was thinking at the time.I found the light thingy turned it on walked out a door,and ran into three skeletons.The first one I recognised eailsy.¨Ink!Thank god!Wow...Sorry I wasn´t there to watch the protale but I had things to attend to and-¨He cut me off and said ¨What?I don´t know you.¨At this point I looked at the other skellys.One had a Crown on his head and the other wore a lot of pink.I hate pink.I instantly decided to hate him.No reason.Just wanted to.he one with the crown looked at me and asked ¨Who are you?¨.I realized that this was not the Ink I knew and that I would need to get away from this converstion fast.

To Be Continued

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