5:00 am, The Snowdin House

S.T:*sips coffee and sits in an armchair* What do you want yarn. I have more important things to do. Gen 4 is gonna ruin me.

The Strings: W3 also neeeeeee_ed to discuss your fourth4 body.

Gen 4 S.T: *walks out from behind a lamp and stands in front of them* You should know, I'm always listening. 

S.T: Well now were three idiots in a circle accomplishing nothing.

Gen 4 S.T: How am I ruining you? I'm actually helping your sexual appeal plenty.


Gen 4 S.T: Speaking of which, I also have people to meet. So whatever you are hurry up.

The Strings: Now that y0ur here we can't say. It's s----secr1111et.

Gen 4 S.T: All of you are gonna wipe my mind anyways. What's so secret you can't tell me.

S.T: does it look like i know? *his eyes glow green in frustration

Gen 4 S.T: *her eyes glow pink and glares at S.T* Fuck you too.

Gen 4 S.T: *sips coffee*

S.T: *sips coffee*

The Strings: Don't you hav- a              m e eting with the outc0des S.T?

Gen 4 S.T: Not that I know of. *fiddles with the chain link drilled in her neck

S.T:Not you idiot! And yes I do. I'll be leaving now. *leaves

Gen 4 S.T: *walks into the darkness

The Strings: *slide into a nearby closet*

  • The Puppet is launched out of the closet*

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