Oh backbone.Hell.Now I understand what Create felt when he unfused.I got what I wanted though.That's good.Better check on Swap. "Hey, you Ok?" I said.she seemed as if she had just taken the best bath ever,"Jesus you seem.....not exhausted at all."."Yeah I know.I made a pill that instantly makes you feel better."She said."That's interesting" said S.K who had appeared as well."Well all I know is that I want some coffee...".

As I went on a search for coffee beans,Swap took the Soul Fragments downstairs probably to do some tests.While the coffee grinder grinded, S.K said "You should really change that"."Hmmm?" I replied."The painting thing.I think jumping through paintings while carrying stuff isn't very easy."."I guess so." I said.The rest of the afternoon was pretty boring.Swap left once to do something with a Soul Fragment and I read the whole Bloom County collection.

during my sleep I had the usual nightmare of my past; Going down Waterfalls,and Falling of buildings with a few life or death situations.Although tonight I remembered something.Something similar to Soul Fragments.How ironic.Then I woke up.

Walking around the halls of the Multiverse and listening to bad jokes from K, I had a brilliant idea.What if, using the original Soul Fragmenst design I could create my own, and give them to people.It would have to be secret.

Later in the afternoon or whatever version of time we had, I asked Swap if she had anything that could scan the atomic structure of the Soul Fragments."Uhh...I guess so" she replied."What do ya mean?" I asked.

"Well it's only a prototype"

"That's Ok" I said

"Well if it goes wrong it could blow up the Nuclear Reactor." she said.

"There's a f##king Nuclear Reactor in my house!?"

"It's in the closet." she responded.

"Of course it is.Cause things like that are just so god damn normal.Yep completely normal to have a Nuclear Reactor in my closet."

"It keeps my shirts warm" she said.

"We'll talk about this later Swap.I need you to scan the fragments and send the results to me." I said."I have a plan.hehheheheheheh"


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