As the title might suggest, it's me, Elizabeth. Now for the past month or so the S.T crew has been very unactive. In that time they have made their plans to fight off Infected. Now let's forward today. Three days ago I took down S.K, MV!Frisk, Fell!S.T, Romania, and Swap. S.T proceeded to encounter Infected and kill him. In the end both died. My accomplice Flowet, was freed from S.K, and MV!Chara from Fell!S.T. We are now set on the goal of freeing Error!S.T from PuppetTale.

Everyone's favourite shadow,


Side Note:

I was asked by S.T to read this:

By Multiversal law of the Undertale Sector, after the passing of first judge Subject Ten, their direct offspring Calibri Ten has now gained the previous status of Subject Ten, as a Judge Of The Multiverse. If seperate judges disagree with this movement then a vote will be held with the rest of the out code characters, judge or not.

That's all.

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