Swap: *on couch sitting silently

S.T: Uh, Swap, we need to talk...

Swap: W-Why?

S.T: Well, at first I thought you had your reasons for keeping it to your self, and I went with it, pretending I was oblivious to it knowing that it happened, but it was getting hard to ignore. Your stutter. How you stayed away from people. Not getting your sleep. Of course S.K knew. You confided in him. As everyone does. But watch him. You don't really know what his intentions are. He keeps his goals a secret from everyone.

Swap:..I-I d-

S.T: And now you plot your revenge with others. Not realizing that there may be a connection between the Corrupted SOUL and the Infected SOUL, and why they are called such. Me and him hide are true ability. You'll get yourself killed. Or worse.

Swap: I-I'm s-sorry, I thought y-you w-would get yourself killed as well, instead of t-thinking of through your a-actions l-like last time.

  • suddenly flickers to True!Swap

True!Swap:Oh because he's so weak and pathetic...Hello T. I really hope you do go get yourself killed. Have a bad time *flickers back to normal

Swap: W-What happened?

S.T: Nothing. And I understand. I won't interfere with your plans. As long as you have help. I promise...

Swap: T-Thank you. A-And I do have help. I-I'm going to go check on Cali, t-then I'll be in bed.... *runs to the other room quite hurriedly

S.K:*appears behind S.T* I assume we go with the plan brother.

S.T: As usual. Just give me the run down. And don't think I get any joy from this, I hate breaking promises.

S.K: *chuckles* All you do is jump in when Swap is inevitably defeated and break your facade releasing the power and take over Infected, who will do the same, resulting in both of your deaths. Swap will be heartbroken, but it's all for the greater good.

S.T: You just want to help Elizabeth. But I'll do it as long as Infected dies.

S.K: Yes, yes.


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