The Puppet:You may continue my creation! *giggles

Swap: T-Thank you....I think.

Swap:As I said, I have a plan.

Broken: Woah, woah. Wait a sec. Don't you think were jumping into this a little fast. I mean you went from sitting on the floor wanting revenge to enacting a plan in a few minutes.

Swap: O-Oh, I meant finding why it's quiet. S-Sorry....

404: I have my suspicions.

Showcard: Hey if ya don't mind me asking, but, er,was their a....child?

Swap: I-I don't know. I h-hope there i-isn't. I should c-check

404:*notices the worsening in her stutter

Swap: *she closes her eyes and her SOUL glows (Determination) but a small SOUL next to it glows, whe then opens her eyes and the SOULs fade away

Swap: W-Well?

Broken: Umm...I'm sorry Swap. There is.

Swap: 0_0... I-I need to go *runs off


Swap: S-So can you?

S.K: Well,yes. But only after the battle. You must hold the child for now.

Swap: I-I can try. P-Please help.

S.K:I will. *fades away from existance

Swap: *lies down and cries

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