'All 'of this conversation between the characters was originally an RP in chat. Huh.

  • It had been three months since the encounter with Infected. Swap had been having noticeable changes in her personality. Cali had been worried due to the recent stutter her mother developed, which she could not find a reason for. Swap had, of course, had been concealing what had happend to herself and no one else. But on one night, she could not hold such burden. She got up that night in fear of the nightmares, as that what had been usually happening every night. She traveled to the Omega Timeline where she would sit down and spend hours thinking....*

Swap: *sitting on the floor, being very quiet*

Broken: *walks behind her

Swap: *doesn't move but hears his footsteps* V-Very quiet tonight isn't it?

Broken: *Jumps a little* Well, you could say that.

Swap: Too quiet.

Broken: Are you okay? Your S.T's girlfriend right?

Swap: *sighs* Yea. A-And I'm not okay. I've been holding it all in since it h-happened.

Broken: Uh, what happened may I ask?

Swap:*throws him folder* The Puppet archives everything that happens to his creations...G-Guess what happened.

Broken: *reads papers in folder* ..What happened to.....Alter Tori......? You?

Swap: B-By putting those words you just said into a more understandable sentence then I can say your correct.

Broken:0_0. Okay then. So what are you doing here?

Swap: Thinking. The Destroyers haven't been active....I w-wonder why.

Broken: That's true.

Swap: I want revenge. But something doesn't feel right. As I said, It's been too quiet.


404: Hello you two

Swap: *scowls* 404.

404: Swap.

Broken: Is some one gonna say my name?

Swap: N-No.

404: *Looks into the previous events that happened before he got here*  You were discussing that I see.


404: Doesn't matter. What's happening now?

Swap: The Multiverse. Too quiet....

Showcard Gothic: *enters* Hello everybody! This a party or something?

Broken: Nope.Not.At.All.

Showcard: Got it. So watcha doing?

Swap: *looks at Broken*

Broken: *shrugs and throws Showcard the folder*

Showcard: This sounds very bad but I have no idea what rape means. I've lived with Bill cipher pretty much the entirety of my life.

Broken:-_- *whispers in his ear

Showcard: That is fucking disgusting an I would feel bad for you, but I don't and can't show real emotion.


Swap: I t-think I've got a it is-

The Puppet: To Be Continued!

Swap: I-I wasn't done talking!

The Puppet: We'll hear her sentence in the next part! Cya!

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