I woke up thinking about three weird versions of Sans.I looked around only to find I was in my house under a painting.I remembered having a crazy dream about a place full of hallways and doors to the AUs."Someone must have put some crazy stuff in the punch last night" I thought to myself.Looking around for some clothes to wear,I realized there was no party,and that that might not have been a dream.I ran outside to see Snowdin."Whew,that would have been crazy!" I said to no one in particular.Then I noticed.The forest seemed to be 2-d,and in a cube around me.I fell to the ground and passed out.

I dreamt of the end of my timeline and E, K trying to save 2 & 3.Seeing the alternate timelines.I woke up knowing.Knowing what happened,where I was,and how I got here.I ran back inside,brushing the snow off myself,and jumped through the painting and down the staircase.I swung open the door of the door labeled Horrortale.A creepy version of the Ruins was on the other side.I saw Ink down the hallway,but ignored him when he waved.I looked into another door and saw another Ink falling into a bunch of Wiki pages.I shut that one,picked up my backpack,and walked over to Ink

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