The actual fight in chat happened about a week before the official Reclaiming of Altertale, when S.T & Swap applied to save Altertale. 404 was there and S.T made a usual egotistical comment, then Infected appeared and things went from their. This was also before S.T & Swap were publiclly together.


S.T: I'd like to apply for beating the f*** out of Infected.

404:Your gonna help Altertale?

Swap: Yes. We are. 

404: Got it. What are your strengths?

S.T: Being amazing.

404: That's not-

S.T: Don't care. It is now.

404: Well your "amazingness" isn't gonna help you fight this guy. He's under the "sickness".

S.T: Me being amazing will obviously win over how deranged this little s*** is.

Swap: *writing something down

404: I'm not jo-

S.T: Alright I get your point. But he still is extremely weak.

Infected: Pathetic.

S.T: Why thank you sir.

Infected: You bring a friend? I like them.

S.T: Sir, may I now remove your head from your body? Or maybe eat your SOUL?

Infected: Touchy subject.

Swap: I'm not liking where this is going...

404: Well S.T I looked through your files and found out all your weaknesses. This is rather convenient, seeing that the chances are high that your about to engage a fight with Infected.

Swap: Very high.

404: Your first weakness is......her *points at Swap* And why might this be? Oh, I don't know, maybe you've just been hiding your little relationship from everyone.

S.T: Your right. Touchy subject. *punches 404 in the face*

404: you mind?

Infected: Well it sucks that cutie isn't single. It would make what happens next a lot easier for you T.

S.T: Oi! He's engaging the fight not me! A change for once! 

Swap: Well this is gonna be great *summons Red Attack

Infected: *summons Axe

S.T: Really this is all very pointless. Your probably not aware of the power of the Corrupted SO-

Infected: I am. Plenty. I'm wondering if your aware of the power of the Infected SOUL?

S.T: Well no...

Infected: Not suprising *runs at them and summons a wall of bones around Swap and fires a blaster at S.T

Swap: *cuts through the bones with the Red Attack but more come from the ground* let me out you mother****** *keeps cutting through them

S.T:*His screens shield him from the blast*

Infected: Not yet cutie. I want you for myself. *throws the Axe at S.T

S.T:*dodges then types something on the screen teleporting Swap away from the universe*

Infected: Handy trick.

S.T: Get that a lot. *the screens circle around him deflecting any oncoming attack* 404!  Little help! 

404: *lying on the ground 20 feet away*

S.T: *runs over* Would you wake up?!

404: I'm not asleep and nor am I on your team. I'm a distraction. *time slows down around S.T's body for a little while*

S.T: *time continues normally* Huh? *looks around and doesn't see Infected anywhere and seems confused, then looks at the screens which show Swap on the ground and Infected waving at the screen smiling*

S.T: Oh. *eyes glow green

S.T: Why does one keep your relationship secret in a place full of psycopaths? CAUSE IT CAN BE USED AS A WEAKNESS.. *He presses a button on his screen which says Judge Ability. *Time goes back all the way to the point of when Swap was surrounded by bones and Infected fired the blaster*

Swap: *falls over and the bones drop around her* That felt...horrible

Infected: You felt amazing....hehhehehe

S.T: It's almost as stable as a reset, and causes minor vision blurriness. Isn't my favorite but It should work *clearly didn't hear what Infected just said

Swap: *snaps out of haze* I wasn't talking about that S.T! *gets up and charges at Infected with the Red Attack

Infected: *steps to the side, grabs Swaps wrist, slams her against the wall and licks her* (Yes that was part of the original fight, so go yell at Shadikal instead of me. No offense Shads.)

S.T: *grabs Infected, slams him against the floor, and summons pretty much every attack in existance and uses it on Infected* ******* try **** again, I dare you.

Infected: *When he was slammed against the ground he used Ult. Defense and then played dead*

S.T:*falls over from magic exhaustion*

Swap: Did he  oh god.....*looks down at ripped clothing**falls onto the floor and passes out*

404: *His strings wrap around both of them and tie them together

Infected: *Gets up* And in the end you failed. You'll die and she'll be in a living nightmare. I assume she already is.

S.T: I-I always survive....I have to....

Infected:*sticks the Axe into S.T's arm lowering his HP severely* Not this time.

S.T: *smiles realizing something* When your done with me, who are you going after next?

Infected: *hesitant for a second then responds* Another judge. Alphatale.

404: *looks up* What! *The strings wrap around Infected and throw him out of the timeline*

404: Your free. And I have one thing to say. You got the job.

S.T: Wait!

404: What?

S.T: You'll keep this a secret if we keep an eye on Infected right?

404: Sure,whatever.

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