Swap: S.T


Swap:we have a child now

S.T:*stares at Swap* what

Swap: *points to a small skeleton


S.T:well. That's interesting. Am I dreaming?

Swap: no.

S.T: hmmmmm. Interesting plot twist. Although poorly introduced we can work with this

Swap: what do you mean?

S.T:well first we must train it-


S.T:train her. Also I need to edit her


S.T: speed up her growing process and have MV!Frisk and S.K teach her.

Swap: so she'll be older than us in a week?

S.T:nah. I'll have it stop at....9 years old. It will only be a few weeks until she reaches that point.

S.K: *laughs* How you react to a child. It's funny. Your completely unfazed.

S.T: hmm.

S.T: hmmmmmm.

S.T: Her name will be Calibri Ten, or Cali for short

Swap: huh. Well this is awkward

S.T:yes indeed. 

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