S.T: Swap! Altertale has proved boring unless you like seeing others being tortured......your turn

Swap: *sarcastic tone* YAY.....*takes the sreen and watches Altertale

S.K:*walks in


S.T: a deal

S.K: ?

Swap: nothing´s Frisk?

S.K: she´s fine (they are referring to MV!Frisk who is female not genderless)

MV!Frisk:I HEARD MEH NAME! *upstairs yelling

S.T:well what do you think of the new bodies? were Sanss now..

Swap: I like it

S.K: so´kay

S.T:anything interesting Swap? cause Iḿ going to bed....

Swap: yeah me too....S.K would you watch that screen and tell us anything you see that is interesting other than those two people on the screen

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