A crossover with CNAS-Tale and The S.T Plot Office has been approved. It will be called PuppetTale. Prepare.


  • The Puppet sits at the plot office table with CNAS across from him

The Puppet: So CNAS. I must ask something of you.

CNAS: *eats a taco* kay.

The Puppet: I need you to watch the plot office for say a week. DONT GO IN THE CLOSET *dissapears all random and shit

CNAS:.........wut..........*finishes taco* okay then.

CNAS: *screams at some papers* YOUR ALL FIRED. GET OUT! 

  • 10 hours later

CNAS: *whistling in a chair* Em so bored. Where's my crew.

  • remembers something about a closet
  • spends another hour looking for a closet

CNAS: where in the f***. *looks under the table*


CNAS:wut. *the closet is under the table*

CNAS:*climbs into the closet and falls down a very large hole*

CNAS: Is this the tardis????? 

Tacy the Taco: *just appears*


Tacy the Taco: HOWDY!


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