There was once an Island known as Gam. This island wa salways remarked as and odd island because of this but there was reason. The town that at it's height took up the whole island, was also named Gam. No one really knows which came first. What only very few people know is that the town's founder, (INSERT UNIMPORTANT TO THE PLOT NAME), had the rare trait of the Corrupted Soul, and named the town Game not Gam, but over time people pronounced it wrong and slowly it became known as Gam. A rare metal that was a mix of pure magic and platinum (known as Gamanium in most common places, but there is another island that has the same mineral and calls it True Platinum) could be found around the island and Gam became famous for the metal. The metal was very durable, and could stop magic completely if in close contact with it. This also means it couldn't be destoryed by magic either. One man named Jacob Warren, a man who started his own mining business, discovered that there was more of the valuable metal near the islands greatest moutain, Mt. Ebott. Mr. Warren business grew, and eventually became the biggets mining company.


At the time, The Warrens Mining Corparation owners were very wealthy. The daughter and heir of the current company owners, Elizabeth Warren also had the trait of the Corrupted Soul. The parents figured this out and kept it secret. After figuring out how the soul worked with the help of a scientist and doctor known as Dr.Stevens, the family decided to find more children with the Corrupted Soul Trait and fuse them with there daughter as there daughter only had the abiltiy to summon 1 screen...

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