Subject Ten/S.T: *runs down the hallway takes three lefts then uses screens to teleport behind the gaurds and lower their HP to the point of death*

Subject Ten: What's done is done. *opens all of the other Subject's cell doors*

Subject Ten: Alright. I just broke you all out. I lead you now. Understood?

Subject Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine: Yes...

Subject Three: *holding Subject Five who seems to be sick, in his arms* I can't fix him. What do I do?

Subject Ten: *glances at him* Follow me. *walks behind the other Subject's with Three

Subject Ten: *whispers* Give me a gun.

Subject Three:  What?

Subject Ten: A gun.

Subject Three: Fine. *makes a gun appear and hands it to Subject Ten*

Subject Ten: *shoots the other three Subjects in the head/skull*

Subject Three: Why did you do that!

Subject Ten: Because I don't need them. *burns their SOULs with a lighter*

Subject Three: *looks traumatized* Your.......brutal.

Subject Ten: Great. *looks around and starts walking away

Subject Three: Are you just gonna leave us here?

Subject Five: *groans*

Subject Ten: Come with me. Hurry.

Subject Three: *runs over* Can I rename myself?

Subject Ten: Waddya mean?

Subject Three: Like......Kol. That's my name now.

Subject Ten: Call me S.T then I guess.

  • They leave the facility*


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