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Subject Ten & S.K (The Conjoined Twins)

Last File Entry Edit: Dr.Stevens added: Surgery

File Entry:

The conjoined twins are the most interesting of the subjects. Bothe twins have a large amount of mobility as they are only connected by arm and no other body part. Both seem to have the normal intelligence level as that of average enities. The catch for this odd specimen is that only one has the Corrupted SOUL, which helps prove my theory that the Corrupted SOUL is a disease, as if they are identical twins, then they should have the same SOUL color (Entity 11, better known by the gaurds as S.K, has the Integrity SOUL while Subject Ten has the SOUL needed. Due to this we have only now surgically removed Entity 11 from Subject Ten, frozen Entity 11 to be unfrozen later, and wiped Subject Ten's memory of Entity 11. Tests will now follow normal procedure.

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