???:*walks into the Lost Pyramid Tavern & Inn.

???:*has hood slumped over her face and a dark grey cloak drags behind her

Bartender: What do you want stranger? There's only one other skeleton round these parts who wears no clothes cept' a cloak round these parts

???: I want.....your SOUL. But it can wait. Who's this, uh, other skeleton may I ask?

Bartender: You haven't heard? I thought all kingdoms on this island had at least known stories...

???: Get to the point already. I don't have all hour. Or minute for that matter.

Bartender: They call him S.K. He gaurds the royal palace, and fights off the meks.

???: *laughs* Well you can tell this person that I want my name back. What's so special about him? 

Bartender: *whispers* Some say he's the god of all magic. That he can turn things to gold....That he can do anything

???: Your sure your not talking about me?

Bartender: Who'r you?

???:*the cloak seems to uncover the rest of her body and the hoodcomes off revealing a crack in the skull, a small metal peice stuck to her arm, COUGH Gamanium COUGH, and a chain drilled into her neck which hangs to the floor*

???: I'm S.T, and I want your SOUL. *puts a knife to his throat and slices

S.T: So....Lets meet this name stealer *leaves and walks into the desert

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