S.T: *hums

Swap: *joins in

S.K: *makes saxaphone noise

  • awkward silence

S.T:what a good day!

Swap: why is that?

S.T:i haven't seen sans.t or Create and Scrap at all today

S.K:of course those are your standards for a good day

  • They walk into the room they all started at. Where every out-code starts. The Black Room.

Swap:it's so.....out of place

S.K:you could say its out of code

S.T: *tries to whack K

Suddenly a light comes from the room

S.T:shit thats bright!

A figure falls out of the light


S.T:what in the true fuck are you doing here alive

MV!Frisk:S.T? is that you?

S.T:yes.and i would be askin the same to you but of course this is just to continue the plot so i won't say i will say how are you? are you still dating asriel? and is he dead yet? if he isn't let me kill him and save us all some trouble.

S.K:I-I remember you! S.T said he tried dating you once! I remember meeting you.... you and a skeleton named Sans.

Swap: My studies from these past few seconds show that my theory of you having more complicated pasts than I thought is correct. More studies will continue. Now who is she?

S.T: meet Frisk. We aren't the best of friends anymore....

MV!Frisk: You tried to kill the queen! You and that spider lady! Once you succeeded there was just darkness.For an eternity I sat waiting for something and it was all your fault!

S.T: The queen was a deranged killer who hates me and is still alive beleive it or not. She is feared by most.


S.K:it's true

Swap:who? *S.T renders her unconscious


MV!Frisk: her! she's not our queen! what's her name!?


MV!Frisk: the queens name is E!

S.T: no it's elizabeth but she is known as E.she was human once.we call her True!Swap now.

to be continued

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