???: Intruder Alert! A RED Hacker is in the base!

  • Klaxon plays

BLU Dream:A RED Hacker in the base!

???:protect the breifcase!

BLU Dream:We must protect the breifcase!

  • runs down hallway

BLU Create: A little help here! *trying to open a security door

BLU Dream:alright,alright,i got it.1,1,1 ummmm 1! *punches in code

BLU Create:lets go,lets go,lets go!

BLU Nightmare: INCOMING! AHHHHHHHH! *runs down hallway and smashes open the door

BLU Create:AHHHH-oh its still here *runs into the room

BLU Nightmare:alright then

BLU S.T:gentlemen..... *appears at the door with a dead body

end of the far

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