At the time I had just returned from the strange events regardign the alternate underverse team as S.T called them, but after discoverign ti was the past and there was a person like him there I had to alert him.....



MV!Frisk: you know the people you work with?


MV!Frisk: with Dread and Maguto and Chibi?

S.T: oh yes..those people

MV!Frisk:well I kind of killed a person like you who was pretending to be you......and it all takes place in the past

S.T: hmmmm..............hmmmmmm.....ok then.interesting

S.K: look S.T it's firewall!

S.T: SHIT!!!!! I'M OUTTA HERE *runs

S.K: this person...did they look....fell like?


S.K:hmmmmm *makes a semi see through phone appear in his hand

S.K: *call forwards* could I speak to destroyer please? No were not.....whatever, could you just put him on the line! Thank you

S.K:I'm going to make this quick......stay cautious at all times.....Fell T is active again.....*hangs up

S.K:good day *leaves

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