As soon as I got out of the room I started running.I have noted,after this event,that before you run down a hallway while looking behind you,always,ALWAYS look and see if there is a bowl of petunias in the hallway.Trust me.I ran into a bowl of petunias.At the time similar to another bowl of petunias I thought "not again".I sat on the floor considering my life and why I was running into bowls of petunias.I got up and realized this hallway looked like the hallway of one of those 1960's hotel hallways.From that one universe.There seemed to be a staircase leading straight into the ceiling."I knew I shouldn't have eaten those plants" I thought.All the doors had names on them."Flowerfell","Flowertale","StoryShift" and some others.I knew where I was now.I thought I was still in my universe but,yet again,I was wrong.The MV.I expected more.Something....a little more...grand.Nope.I walked up the staircase and expected to hit my head on the ceiling but instead my head came out of a painting.I kept walking and I fell out of the painting.

To Be Continued

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