Ow.Right.Find a person that looks like me.Not hard.Simple instructions.That's what he told me anyway.Or was it a she?I can't remember.....How long have I lived.Who am I?Wait.The name.It was....S.T! Yes i'm S.T.Weird name.

If you read the tiltle of the story you know who I am. S.T's companion.That one girl.Well after S.T made his story I decided to make mine.Although,It is not very long.That's O.K.Now, I was thinking that stuff earlier.Or was I? Still a little foggy there.There was....a person.

I walked out of a pitch black room.Around me was a beautiful hallway.Very nice.I pulled out a pencil and started drawing it on some paper.I took out a mirror and remebered my instructions.Not much around.Some petunias.A lot of doors.So many doors,each room was probably the size of a closet.Oh yes! I had a capsule and a note.He/She told me to give it to this guy.I wandered the halls for a few hours and came across a painting.Of course a painting isn't rare,but this was the first one I had seen.Verrrrrrrrrrry Odd.I inspected it.It had a picture of a house in area full of snow.There was also a person in thev painting walking around.They seemed to be wearing a backpack

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