METTATON:Good afternoon beauties! Welcome to my new show!I will be discussing the wiki and the AUs with S.T and Swap here.



S.T:*ahem* The first thing on the list is UTAUWikiTale.Originally just a side project,this AU became much bigger than originally intended and has now been handed over to the new bureaucrat,LunaDeaminac(More on that later).The idea inspired a well told blog series who's author is also LunaDeaminac.Apparently UTAUWikiTale's concept was inspired from an unfinished AU known as 1WikiaTale.

SWAP:Due to not being finished,this AU may be removed.Next is the semi-new character CNAS,who,also has a role in UTAUWikiTale but that is not what were talking about.

S.T:Yes.CNAS's page takes the prize of getting the most views in it's first week of existing.Congrats to there creator TheNitroFlamer.

SWAP:Now to the new bureaucrat LunaDeaminac.

S.T:LunaDeaminac was a content moderator for her number of edits to articles and other than that being a good user.WhenNin10doGmod was demoted a new position for admin was there and she was given that.Later when taking care of the wiki alone,not counting admins, became annoying she was given bureaucrat rights.

METTATON:Now to the AUs

SWAP:Soul Fragments are first

S.T:Let's skip this topic shall we? It's not like it's canon...

METTATON:Fine.Now for a conversation with Underswap!Sans A.K.A Bluberry.Todays topic: Switch Up AUs.

METTATON:So what is your opinion on these AUs Blueberry?

Blueberry:Well I think some could use work but I believe in them.I think that some people deserve a second chance before being called "generic rip-offs".I will protect these AUs as much as I can

METTATON:Thank you Blueberry.Good day everyone

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