You always wonder of my history? Here's some stuff about this handy thing. *Summons his screen .Heh. Happened a while ago

It all started in Snowdin.

(cuts to a scene outside grillby's)

S.T:god sans, grillby serves the best drinks ever!

Sans:yea yea, I drink so much of his ketchup I never bothered to try the whiskey!

S.T:yea that was great. Although, lets be serious here. *suddenly acts serious

Sans:whats goin on?

S.T:i discovered somethign at Alphys's lab today.Remember how i have half of your soul and you half of mine?


S.T:well the magic in your soul unlocked doors for my soul *Summons a weak and flickering screen

Sans: what is that?!

S.T: a screen!

S.T:since,as ive found out,i dont have all of my soul,its still very weak.what i'm asking is that....well....we forget the deal.

Sans:*pupils go dark

Sans:No way. I have to know when True Resets happen! I can't let Frisk do that to these monsters!

S.T:and i'll make sure it doesn't happen.ever.

Sans: you swear?

S.T: i swear.

  • Both of there left eyes glow blue as they shake hands, and give there soul halves back.The jacket,shorts,and slippers, dissapear off S.T, and his pupils turn green

S.T: *Summon a screen* Ooohh.That is....nice! Portable hacking too!......interesting.i feel less lazy.

Sans:and i feel much more lazy

S.T:well we'll have to see how this turns to you tommorow. *leaves

And that's it.After gaining all of my soul, the S.T Screen was fully functional.I lost my powers that I had from Sans's soul, and gained my own.I found my old infinity backpack and continued my life as a person trying to kill the universe.

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