S.T: You wouldn't mind untying me before I BEHEAD ALL YOU TRAITOURUS B******! I WILL TORTURE YOU TO THE BRINK OF F***ING INSANITY IF YOU DON'T LET ME GO! *He has been tied to a operating table by Error S.T and the rest of the former S.T Crew*

Error S.T: As you can see the Sickness has already started eating away at his mind. Chara, take notes on the subject

MV!Chara: Already on it...


Flowet: *duct-tapes his mouth shut* That should help...Elizabeth! Get the hallucination thing

Elizabeth:*passes him a syringe

Flower: *sticks the syringe into S.T's SOUL*

S.T: MMMMMMMM- mmmm? Mmmm mmmm mmm mmmm! Mmmm mmm...

Error!S.T: The Sickness will take him... but I think we can control it for our own uses... Now leave me to my work!

*they all leave*


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