1.AU Tage

Personal Opinion From S.T: How many damn football feilds did you buy to fit that many people?


Personal Opinion From S.T: Apparently the standard to be a deity is either be Error or Ink or anything made by Shadikal


Personal Opinion From S.T: I was going to say you can't take a joke but you DID take the joke and made it an ACTUAL THING!

4.Create x S.T

Personal Opinion From S.T: OUTTA THIS HOUSE *holds a cross

5.His Backstory

Personal Opinion From S.T: Trying to understand it is like reading a dictionary......upside down......and backwards


Personal Opinion From S.T:Yea you *points at you

7.The Difference Between SOULs and souls

Personal Opinion From S.T:also like that dictionary before.f##king hate dictionaries


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