Hey everyone. So, I'm making a new character called "Vampubus!Chara". If anyone here can draw (On paper or digital, I don't mind), could you please draw me a basic design for this character? Just the character on it's own, that's all. Trust me, It dosn't have to be perfect. If someone could do this, it would be GREATLY appreciated. 

Vampubus!Chara's design:

Basically just a older female chara (around 17). This Chara is a cross between a Vampire and a Succubus. She has a vest-like grey tank top, tight black leather shorts, and black leather boots. A black collor with spikes on around her neck and wrists. She has fangs, and a lizard-like tongue. Two black horns on the top of her head. Black vampire wings. She has a long black tail with a black love heart shape at the end. Red eyes with a white heart in the middle of them. (I'll send you reference pictures).

Thanks. And remember, It does NOT need to be perfect. Just a basic design of the character. Thanks!!

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