• We will begin with Sera404 and Asthet arguing over AUs*
The new destroyer and ceator by shadikal15-db5fjqy

Sear404: Damit! you really are an idiot, thoses stupid Aus that your protecting don't belong here, they dont even deserve to exsist.

Asthet: STOP IT! stop following in error's shoes all your doing is digging yourself a bigger hole when the shit hits the fan.Dont you get it? i-

Sera404: Follow? FOLLOW?!?!?! I AM NOT FOLLOWING IN ANYONE'S FOOTSTEPS!!!! I AM CURING THIS WOLRD THIS REALITY OF IT'S VIRUSES AND ITS SICKNESS!!!......You dont even get it, you probably dont even know what im talking about.

Asthet: I dont

Sera404: Well allow me to tell you the TRUTH. there are multiple Diffent multiverses, and it all depends on which community your in.

Asthet: I dont understand what are you talking abou-


  • Asthet looked around confused*Asthet: I-I dont see anyone

Sera404: of course you dont, because they're real and were fake. Lets start off small sall we lets start off here in this place, UnderTale AU Wiki.


Sera404: lest start off with the basic's, when this wiki was made ovbiouslly the most well know one's are going to be uploaded first, Underswap,Underfell and OuterTale and then so and so forth. And then comes the secondary one's, they're not as popular as the basic AUs, but they're just enough to where people will still love and chares them.And then finnally they're the garbadge. If you dont know what means,it means Us.We're the Aus or whatever that dont get any attention, no fanart and no popularity and do you wanna know why?

  • Asthet nods slowely*

Sera404: it's because this entire system is couurpted with slefish people, maybe not all of them are,but theres a good number of people who are. And do you wanna know why? It's because they want their AU to be the best, so whenever a new one comes in they callit out for being to edgy or a ripoff or maybe even a Recolor.NO! not me i know what's best i know what's really going on here, and it's just here either it's happening everywhere Tumblr,Deviantart and on Youtube.People on a daily bases come around and post a new AU that they want to be noticed, but as usual if it's not like Outer or UnderSwap then it's nothing.

Asthet: How do you know all this?

Sera404: Because im allowed to see and i know whats happening, i will not stand by as people who blood sweat and tears into what they do, just get taken down or worse forgotten all because of what, becasue it was a Recolor. Lets put error!sans as an eample, do you think the maker of Error!sans wanted to make him an error.NO! they were probably thinking of something else, some other cool AU that will never see the light of day again.No! that creator made Error!Sans, Error!Sans because she knew how long it would take, she knew what was worng. So to avoid the pain she decided to make him alot more interesting.But what about people with the sma idea or people with ideas that are simliar...NOPE!,NAW,NEVER! they dont get to copy off of the idea of another AU as popular as that one. Alot of AUs are like races, they're put into a categorey that  a higher power feels like they belong in. There are tons upon tons of AUs that have great stories and charecters, but wont ever be noticed or recognized for its feats becasue of what people say and think about it. Everyone's gotten so attached to all these new AUs and new ideas that they refuse to make way for the new.

Asthet: it must be some kind of misunderstanding

Sera404: Thats why i did this, that why i mad emyself the nex Destroyer because the only way to get anywhere in this Rotten Community is to be born on tippy top of the pecking order.We're never going to get popular like this waiting for days and years just to get one piece of fanart, Oh no! i say screw that and i say screw you, YEA IM TALKNG TO WIKI USERS, ALL OF YOU OUT THERE THAT WONT GIVE AN AU A CHANCE. SO WHAT IF THEY DONT A NICE STORY SO WHAT IF THEY'RE NOT PERFET SO WHAT IF THEY'RE A RECOLOR!!!! THEY DESERVE YOUR SYMPATHY AND THEY DESERVE YOUR RESPECT WHICH IS WHY IM GOING TO PUT AND END TO THIS.

Asthet: what are you going to do?

Sera404: when you decide to join me for real and stop protecing the real destroyers then we'll talk, but until next time Asthet.*Sera404 teleports away*