(TUTF attempts to struggle free.Nightmare strengthens his grip)

NS:Nice try kid but it is not going to work.Besides the trouble you caused is going to have one BIG punishment.

(They enter a portal and NS sits him down on a chair infront of all the main AU protecters.)

Ink:Hi there.


Ink:yes its ME.But you have caused so much trouble with these AUs we have to do something about it.

Dream:We have been thinking about a punsihment....But we have noticed your power and we are offering a oppritunity to you.

TUTF:What kind of...oppritunity?

Ink:To join us in protecting AUs or start making them.

TUTF:And if I do not?

Ink:you will be considerd an enemy.

TUTF:........So uhhhh I guess I will make AUs....

Dream:Glad to have you on the team.

(Ink walks over and takes TUTF's arm.They walk to a empty space of where a door should be)

Ink:Think of a AU that you want to create.

TUTF:Already got one.

Ink:Wow......that was quick

(TUTF pulls out his katana it transforms into a paint brush.He then paints a door labled ConsoleTale)


TUTF:Yeah,I just took charecters from video games I used to play on consoles and turned it into a AU.

Ink:Ok,Now you need a place to conjure up ideas

TUTF:Already got one

Ink:Wait WHAT????

(TUTF teloports him to the window void)

TUTF:Well what do you think?

Ink:Amazing,I have never seen...ANYONE build a void with no help.

(they teloport back.Ink has a surprised look on his face.)

Ink:well there is one guy you should meet.

(they walks over to a human with a nude skeletone)

CNAS:Hi m8 Who r u?

TUTF:My nickname is TheUnderTaleFan355 

TNF:Welcome to the team

TUTF:Wait do I know you?.....Nah I do not think I do

TNF:Well uhhh.....Do you want see the realm I jsut made?

TUTF:Sure as long as I have mine is next to yours.Besides I think Ink would want me under watch.

TNF:Most likely.

(TUTF takes the pencil off the 100 page book and closes it)

TUTF:FINNALY. My biography is done!



(TUTF runs away from the book which closed on the dark figure)

Actual me:HOLY CRAP

I am finnaly done with my origins.

Welp hope you enjoyed the series!

If you did say what you liked about any part that you have read


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