(As TUTF teloports to his window home.He feels a feeling of dread inside of him.)

TUTF:What the?(There is a flash and a figure that looks exactly like the thing that went inside his soul but very bright)

????:Greetings I am Good Essense


GE:Yes,As you have seen by my form.I shall take a more simple one.

(Good Essense transforms into TUTF  with everything that is green white with his Green stripes being yellow.)

GE:I see you have abosrbed my brother

TUTF:Wait that thing that tried to eat my soul is your....Brother?

GE:Yes....As a siste-


GE:(she face palms)Yes...But I am here to teach you how to control my brother

TUTF:I thought I already had control....

GE:Yes and no.You see my brother has corrupted many for alot of years now.But he was foolish to find you and try to abosrb your emptiness SOUL.

TUTF:So wait what do you mean by YES and NO.

GE:You see he has enhanced your abiliteis far beyond what you think.But that Goo coming out of your SOUL is him trying to get out.But if he gets out he will kill you.So let us begin your fisrt lesson.

(They both teloport to a white void)

GE:you must learn to use your powers to thier full limits to keep him in as after you defeat him he will be locked in your SOUL forever.

TUTF:Wait,Is that a good thing or a bad thing?



GE:Let us 1st learn to control your SOUL.

(They go over how to control SOULs and how to mimick other peoples abilities)

GE:Now it is time for you to battle my Brother.

TUTF:WAIT BATTLE???This was not in the contract

GE:You will be fine.....Maybe

(GE touches TUTF´s SOUL and TUTF passes out to find himself in a black space with the same Dark figure he met)

?????:Its time for you to die.

(He flies at TUTF and TUTF blocks.Then TUTF flies at him the Figure blocks and hits him against wall.The Dark Figure makes a sword and stabs TUTF with it.)


(He punches TUTF and out of no where TUTF stabs his head)


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