(TUTF teloports to Reapertale where RT Sans is waiting)

RT Sans:I have been expecting you.Afterall that soul of yours is quite powerful

TUTF:(getting strait to the point)Can you teach me how to control my SOUL?

RT Sans:Heh,Why not afterall if I don´t you could destroy everything.

(They begin their lesson with simple combat)

RT Sans:I see that you can teloport.This could be used in combat.(RT Sans shows him how to control teloportation and combat)

TUTF:OH! I get it no-

RT Sans:No you only got half of it down.Follow me(RT Sans takes TUTF to his soul keeping place and shows a black soul with no outline)

RT Sans:This is an emptiness SOUL.It is very very rare and you have one.

TUTF:I do?

RT Sans:Yep,But apparently when those soul traits went into your soul your absorbing powers were extended.

TUTF:What do you mean by that.

RT Sans:You can mimick other people abilities.Apparently when you copied that paint brush you had all your abilites resting on that sword of yours.But do not worry it is REALLY hard to break.

TUTF:So how do I control that as well?

RT Sans:Now that is what I don´t know..

TUTF:Hmmmm good to know.Anyways do you know who W.D Gaster is?

(RT Sans´ eyes go black)

RT Sans:I rather not talk about that

TUTF Ok...Anyways thanks for the help!

RT Sans:No problem.

(TUTF teloports back to his void and looks at other AU´s windows and sees the same human he battled)

TUTF:WHAT THIS GUY AGAIN.(Sigh)Welp better get my popcorn.(Popcorn teloports in his hand and is getting ready to watch the battle)