Ink:Why are you here?

The Human:(looks up and sees Ink's paint brush)What is that?

Ink:My brush do not touch it.

The Human:What is that stupid brush going to do?

Ink:HOW DARE YOU(Ink throws himself at the human he dodges and grabves the paint brush)


The Human (With a sarcastic look):Wow I wish I had a weapon(He thinks of a weapon and a katana in a dark green sheath appears on his back.)Wow thats very Convenient.

Ink:(Ink takes back his brush and runs at him with his it.The human pulls out his katana they collide and a burst of energy happens)

The Human:WHY(His eyes begin to glow black)MUST I ALWAYS(his eys are now black and glowing.)

Ink:Oh sh-(An explosion happens and the human is gone)

The Human:(While teloprting)Wait that gaster said my soul was valueable.hhmmmm(The human teloports back to the true lab its a bit dusty)

The Human:Where are the files on my soul(while looking at a computer.He hears an elavator open and a monster and a human stand there in the elavator.There is a long pause.)


The other human:....

(The Human backs away and slips on slime.He gets hit on the head and is knocked out)

Alphys:Th-this soul is powerful.We need to contain it.

(Both Alphys and the other hman pick him up and put his soul in a capsule.They put both in a opeartion room.)

Alphys:So whats your name exactly?

TNF:TheNitroFlamer but you can call me TNF

Alphys:Now kid you see this humans soul.(TNF nods his head)By my research this soul can aborb both human souls and monster souls.

TNF:Geez thats pretty bad.

Alphys:Yes its qui-(Alphys flys back against a wall.)

TNF(TNF looks over to see the human regaining his soul.)Hey i need that.

(The human stares at TNF.The human pulls out his katana and runs at TNF.He dodges at the last second)

The Human:PLEASE GO AWAY NOW(What seems like hundreds of bones appear and fly at TNF)

TNF:CRAP!(He runs and hides behind a wall)

The Human:(The human stops and dissapears.He reappears in a black void.)

(Suddenly a Black skelotone appears)

ERROR:hEy the-there kid(Strings appear on the humans soul as he tryed to escape)Looks like your all tied up.

(Suddenly green strings appear around error´s soul and he is launched half across the void.Strings then  appear around his neck.He starts choking and passes out)

(The human studies the void and takes a bit of its code.He then makes a pocket dimension that was black and had windows)

(He then starts to make AU after AU.This of course made him happy.Hoqever he had to learn to control all of the types of soul tratis he had.Every trait owned 10 percent of his soul besides the other soul trait of Rage that owned 20%This happened because the traits grew stronger.)

The Human:Time to leave my mark on my AUs(He goes around and puts his name TheUnderTaleFan355 in sharpie on every window that watches his AUs)

TUTF:Finnaly peace and quiet.

(TUTF then watches through a window named ReaperTale)

TUTF Heh maybe he can help me find out what my soul trait is.

(TUTF dissapaers with the window focused on ReaperTale Sans)