While you may know all the soul traits there is one that consists of being able to absorb others.This is masterd with the emptiness soul.This soul is black with no out line.This soul is only found in beings that are born in the first timelines of the UnderVerse.In the year 201X A human was born with this soul type.He grew up to 12 and was always mocked at school for his attempts to fit in.He had finally had enough and climbed his MTT Ebott to take a breahter.However he tripped and fell in.He got up and explored the UnderGround.He then went to the lab where he was captured by W.D.Gaster for studies on his soul.He then took him to one of the examining table at the true lab

Human:LET ME GO!!! 

Gaster:No your soul is to valuable to lose.I have never seen this soul trait before and I inted to study it.Now if you would mind(Holds out a syringe and injects the human with it)I would like to study you

Human:(With half eyes open)no please...(eyes are 3/4 closed)let me go...(his eyes close)

Alphys:Sir the other soul types of been clipped.Each at the 5 percent cut line you asked for.

Gaster:and the hatred soul?

Alphys: also that soul

Gaster:good:Get ready for Expierement 17

(They begin there work by carfully puting each part of the other soul types into the human.They then put a Detirmination syringe itno the soul.)

Gaster:There now if I am correct the Photon readings should be negative.

Alphys:Yes,yes they are.

Gaster:Good now I will go write my 17th entry.Do not let the human go anywhere.

Alphys:Yes sir.

(a few hours pass by and Alphys has been studying the soul.She sees the soul parts are fusing)GASTER!!

Gaster:(runs in)YES!!

Alphys:The soul its-(The soul begins to glow)

Gaster:YES YES WHAT IS IT!?!?!

Alphys:We need to run.