Bold text'Italic textEntry Log .25

Recently human #1 has been quite the test subject.

To find what happens when human blood Meets monster blood,I have ejected my own blood into the human to find that he has gained my prototype blaster.He has even found out how to replacate my telaportation.Even though he has stated he was born with it because of his father which he stated was a monster.Even though he qould have to be 44 for his father to be a monster. But when i studied his DNA it shows a different version of my blood.I later found my DNA has done nothing to him.

Entry log 1

Yet again the human has begun to go more rebellious.Judging by his attitude he has begun to be more happy around Sans and Paprus.Almost as if they were his brothers...More teasearch ia needed.

Entey log 10

The human has broken out of containment.Currently he is trying to get into my room to throw me into the core.My final regrets ar-

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