Narrator: It has been 2 years since TUTF fell into the underground and joined the CNAS-Tale crew. Everybody was working besides Flamer, who was out on some trip. TUTF wen't to go visit his mother, looking in his pocket for the house key. After arriving he knocked on the doorm noticing a broken window.

TUTF: Mom?!

(TUTF ran in to see a blood trail leading to the bedroom. He looked through the keyhole to see a figure feeding on something big resembling a body)


(He broke the door down with his katana to see the figure look at him, staring at him with bright red and black eyes and what looked like to be a wing coming out of his spine. TUTF froze while the creature jumped on him, biting his neck and nearly chopping it off. TUTF teleported back to the Picasso Pad, right infront of CNAS)

CNAS: TUTF! What happened to you!?

TUTF:I can....I...I...cant' breath... I...

(TUTF fell flat on the ground. Luckily CNAS gave him regenerative magic and healed his wound. An hour and a half later, Flamer walks back in and sees TUTF)

CNAS: Flamer you b#tch!! WHERE WERE YOU?!

Flamer: On a trip. What happened to his neck?

CNAS: Find it out yourself you inconsiderate a**hole!

(1 day later TUTF went back to the window void and collected all the weapons plus disguise pieces he could find, suchs as attack on titan gear, protectice paddings, 2 unbreakable machetes and 2 sawed of shotguns. The final piece of his disguise was a slighty damaged hockey mask. He put it on and his right eyes turned red and blue)

エイリアス: Prepare to die you man eating son of a b****!