(エイリアス is standing in Ghoultale talking with the Sans from that AU, Touka Kirishima)

Touka: So your from an AU, AND your telling me you need to know the quickest way to kill a ghoul?

(エイリアス nods)

Touka: Heh.. why the heck not. Besides, I feel like I am going to be killed over and over again. To kill a ghoul you need to kill another ghoul and take thier kagune. After that turn it into a weapon.

エイリアス: Thanks.

(エイリアス stabs her which is the last remaining inhabitant of the AU. He looks at the vial of ghoul blood he was given)

Dark Essence: TUTF, I told you this AU was useless!

エイリアス: When I get back to the Window Void i am going to analyze it.

Dark Essence: What good is that going to do?

エイリアス: What if i could turn his own weapon against him?

Dark Essence: What, the thing growing out of his spine?

エイリアス: That... and his cannibalism.

Dark Essence: WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!!!???

エイリアス: If I could actually make him eat a poisoned human, maybe he would die.

Dark Essence: Are you that desperate to kill him!?

エイリアス: He is a plague that must be eradicated immediately.

(エイリアス teleports to the Window Void where a miniature lab is set up. エイリアス changes and sits down, preparing to analyze the blood sample)

TUTF: This blood is almost like its trying to fuse with something biological.

(While analyzing the blood he hears a sniffing sound coming from the entrance)

TUTF: Hello?!

(Flamer walks in)

Flamer: Hey TUTF!

TUTF: Were you just.... never mind.

Flamer: What are you doing?

TUTF: Just looking at this blood sample.

(Out of nowhere Flamer's stomach growls real loudly)

TUTF: Oh...your hungry? Let me get some left overs for you.

(TUTF takes the blood vial with him, grabs a warmed up burrito and comes back to see Flamer on the ground clutching his stomach)

TUTF: Flamer! Are you okay?

Flamer: Yeah, i'm fine. Just get me some water.

(TUTF grabs a water bottle and gives it to Flamer who chugs it all down)

TUTF: You should really eat more.

Flamer: I'm fine just hungry...

(Flamer walks out as TUTF starts to analyse the blood again when he notices something, the blood was now half full)

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