(Flamer walks in)

Flamer: Yeah?

TUTF: Did you do something with this blood vial?

Flamer: No.

TUTF: Are you sure, cause when you where at the Window Void this vial was ful and now it's only half full.

TNF: I don't know how that happen. And besides, why would need half a vial of blood.

TUTF: Fine, I believe you...

(Later that night, TUTF hears walking and looks out the Window Void to see Flamer walking out. TUTF changes to エイリアス and follows Flamer. Flamer hears footsteps behind him so turns around and quickly puts on his Ghoul mask, only to see a pigeon)

Ghoul: Just a dumb-a** bird.

(Ghoul walks into the shack and starts eat a human head. When he turns around he sees エイリアス)


エイリアス: You know..It was really easy to find you.Besides you should be careful who you kill. Their relatives just might come back and kick you in the a**.

(エイリアス lunges at Ghoul with his machetes. Ghoul's draws out his kagune and lunges at エイリアス. They collide and start to fight. Ghoul gets the upper hand by biting エイリアス's arm)

エイリアス: AHHHHH!!!

(Ghoul notices an aura of regenerative magic around the wound. They again lunge at each other but as they hit each other, エイリアス stabs Ghoul through the leg and starts to continuously punch him at high speeds. He then picks Ghoul up and throws him through the wall of the shack. As ghoul flies back, a dragon-like Gaster Blaster shoots him back towards エイリアス who in turn hits him. Ghoul jumps and hits エイリアス in the face, cracking the hockey mask. エイリアス retaliates by cutting off Ghouls mask. When エイリアス sees who is behind the mask he freezes and drops his weapons)

エイリアス: Flamer?

(Flamer instantly shoots millions of kagune shards at エイリアス. He falls to the ground in huge pain)

Flamer: As soon as I take off your hockey mask, I will make sure that your face will be nothing once i'm through with you!

(Flamer lifts the mask to then drop it and see TUTF who... was bleeding out)

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