Narriator:We open our story to a house in the middle of a void.

(CNAS-Tale TUTF teloports in the void and walks to thr front door.He looks at an invitation)

TUTF:This has to be the place

(TUTF Feels a shove)


(TUTF looks up to see someone that looks like him but with a scar on his face and some kind of weird red armour)

Fell!TUTF355 (1)
TUTF:Who are you?

Fell TUTF:Who are YOU

TUTF:My nickname is TheUnderTalefa-

(Fell punches TUTF in th stomach)


Fell TUTF:Thats my name FOOL!!!

TUTF:Wait....If your me...Then you must be the Fell TUTF I have been hearing about.

Fell TUTF:Yep

(They both hear running and look to see someone that looks like them and CNAS-Tale Corly)

Both TUTFs:Who are you?

????:Names TUTF

(Both fell and normal look at eachother in confusion)

TUTF:What AU are you from?

???? TUTF:The invatation said....wait what was it....OH YEAH CNAS-Swap

Swap TUTF:So uhhh where are we?

TUTF:How am I suppose to know?


(Fell kicks the door down and walks in)

TUTF:Well then

(The rest walk in)

Swap TUTF:So uhhhhhh what now?

TUTF:well this short is starting to get to long so uhhh stay tuned for part 2 I guess

Swap TUTF:But it was just getting good!!

FIN (Until part 2)But still FIN

ALSO!!!!  Make sure to go to TheNitroFlamer and Corly's blog posts for new AUs of CNAS-Tale

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