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  • Theundertalefan355

    Im done

    October 2, 2017 by Theundertalefan355

    Thats it.I am done

    As for CNAS-Tale leave it as it is make your own chapture to continue it in your own eyes just do not do anything else with it as the AU still belongs to me.

    An as my Friend Bashrovurse said 

    "IM DONE!"

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  • Theundertalefan355

    Honestly I asked em to do this and holy crap they delivered.

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  • Theundertalefan355

    (Keep in mind this is a period after fighting Error,getting his katana,and before he et the CNAS crew)

    >we begin out story where past TUTF is clenching his head in a void<


    ???:Come on you know your brothers never loved you.


    ???:YOU DARE

    >TUTF feels a sharp pain in his head<

    ???:Now as I was going to say...You need to find whoever is erasing my work and kill them.


    >TUTF gets up and starts to teloprt to a uncharted part of the multiverse.He later finds himself at a cliff<

    TUTF:What is this?

    ???:The home of whoever is destroying my things.

    TUTF:What is exaclty your work?

    ???:Alternate universes

    >TUTF rolls his eyes and feels a soft object fall on to him.He looks behind to see a Sans puppet<


    >All of a s…

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  • Theundertalefan355

    Honestly these are my own feeling so do not go in comments critizizeing me.

    I think this wiki wipe is half nesseasry.1st some pages are locations and they are going to be small but yet they get deleted.Plus this just makes every non admin user scared for thier pages as I am right now.Until the wiki wipe is over no more content for CNAS-Tale is coming out.I am sorry for the inconvinence this may cause you.

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  • Theundertalefan355

    TUTF:Well Flamer you just got rid of our leader how do you feel?

    Flamer:OH SHUT UP,He is not our leader I am!


    Flamer:Lets just get to the point.TUTF what were you about to say.

    TUTF:Dark Essense is more than a hivemind...It is creati-

    Impact:WE KNOW!

    TUTF:So since dark essense is inside me.I basicly can control the entire universe.

    >Everyone single jaw besides TUTF´s drops<

    TUTF:BASICLY control it.

    Flamer:Listen I think thats enough.


    Flamer:Because TNR is not here an-


    >Everyone starts to run twords the scream arrive at the bathroom to see a figure that resembles the doctor trying to kill TNR with a butcher knife.The Doctor turns around<

    The Doctor:Hello sandy and the jolly green giant.


    The Doctor…

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