Welp, I'm doing the crossover no ones ever wanted, but it (probably) has a much better story than Batman VS Superman. Or Freddy VS Jason. Or Sadako VS Kayako (The Ring girl vs The Grudge girl). Or... well basically any crossover + versus movie ever.

CNAS: Hey Flamer?

TNF: What?


TNF: Well tough s***, I couldn't care less.

CNAS: You don't give a s*** 'bout anything! Not even about working on things you've wanted to work on for ages,

>*fake coughs* *fake coughs* *fake coughs which vaguely matches the name of TNF's game* *fake coughs which vaguely sounds like chapter 2* *fake coughs* *real coughs*<

CNAS: Sorry 'bout that...

TNF: I got an idea, follow me.

>TNF takes CNAS to the door to Beyond!Tale<

CNAS: So, what now?

>TNF rips CNAS' brush off his spinal column, shoves him into the door and flips him off<


>TNF slams the door shut as CNAS tries to claw TNF's eyes out. CNAS' right hand comes clean off< TNF (To himself): C*** sucking f*****...

Sans.T: what was that all about?

TNF: CNAS was teasing me again.

Sans.T: cant blame a kid for acting childish. well, what do ya say we go redesign me to better fit the new s.t design?

TNF: Fine.

CNAS (Yelling at the wall of Grillby's that was once the hole to the creative realm): >C*** sucking pig f***ing peice of s***!

>Stares in the window of Grillby's, to see a depressed looking Sans talk to a dust pile in a bottle labelled Grillby<

CNAS: Christ, that must be Beyond!Grillby! I've always wanted to see what one of his drinks-

>Beyond!Sans stares at the window. CNAS ducks, but not soon enough, as Beyond!Sans shoots a Gaster Blaster at where CNAS was<

CNAS: Sweet mother Theresa on the hood of a Mercedes-Benz, that nearly took my head clean off!

Beyond: who are you?!

CNAS: I'm Jerry f***ing Seinfeld, what do you think I am?! I'm an alternate you.

>Beyond pulls out a sharpened bone and pins CNAS against a tree<

Beyond: bulls***, I killed everyone!

>Beyond slowly starts pulling the bone up CNAS' neck<

Beyond: then again, couldn't hurt to take another head for my collection.

CNAS: You ARE aware that when we monsters die we fade to dust, aren't you not?

Beyond: doesn't matter, you won't live to find out otherwise!

>Beyond draws his bone back, ppreparing to decapitate CNAS. CNAS lunges at Beyond and punches him at the spot where his... uhh.. well his junk would be. Despite not having any, Beyond collapses, clutching his privates<

Beyond: Argh!

CNAS: Alrighty then! Now we have outta the way, d'ya have any thick hairs, metal rings and smooth cut logs I can use?

Beyond: no, but i know a good place in hell where you can find some.

>Beyond summons a giant ring of Gaster Blasters to disintegrate CNAS. Through some f***ed up loopholes, CNAS dodges each blaster and grabs a ball of Gaster Blaster energy<

CNAS: I knew all those years spending my time watching 'The Matrix' would help me. Now I need to invest some time and $39.99 on watching 'Spaceballs.'

Beyond: SHUT UP!

>Beyond swiftly cuts off CNAS' beret. Dust starts seeping out of CNAS' open cranium, as well as a bunch of smaller Beyond!Sanses<

CNAS: W-w-well, looks like t-thing-g-gs are g-getting a bit 'Army of Darkness' u-u-up in here... S-s-s***, wish this was a c-crossover with E-evilDead-Tale...

Beyond: can you make sense for one f***ing minute?!

>The little Beyond's try to jump on Beyond. Beyond stabs them all except for one which he bites his head off. During this, CNAS grabs Beyond's bone and stabs him in his head. Beyond fades to dust<

CNAS: W-w-welll... allls well t-t-thattt e-endssss wellll.....

>CNAS limps his decaying body to the inside of Grillby's. CNAS dials the phone, inputting the numbers, '1800 244 328 24824' and then calls it<

TNF (Over the phone): Who is it?

CNAS (Slowly slurring): yyyaaaaa b-b-b-buummmm... c-c-coommmmme pickkkkk me. uuuuup-

>CNAS collapses. TNF goes and picks him up, redraws CNAS' beret and Beyond!Sans, then goes to The Creative Realm<

TNF: Wow... that was interesting.

Sans.T (Fixed)
The new and improved Sans.T: hey, how do you know what happened? cnas hasnt even woken up yet to tell us the story.

TNF: ...Dunno, just... know it.

IRL TNF: Well great, now CNAS-Tale me is an omnipresent deity... I'm so gonna start a huge war...