CNAS (Continuing with the aftermath of last time): And that was the birth of our son Professor.

Gaster: Wow, my son has a very interesting story.

Prof: Don't forget, if it wasn't for you and daddy's handshake, I wouldn't exist.

Gaster: True... so... what else are you here for?

CNAS: I got a phone for you. I've tested it and it won't merge with your body. Now we can keep in contact.

Gaster: Thank you CNAS, this truly is a wonderful thing.

CNAS: Oh, one more gift, a special magic brush which you can use to manifest objects.

Gaster: You are a wonderful person CNAS.

CNAS: Oh Prof, I also got a gift for you, it's a new hand. I crafted it out of a brush just for you.

Prof: Thank you daddy.

>Professor equipped his new hand<

Prof: I like it, thank you.

CNAS: No problem kid, let's go home.

Prof: OK. See you father!

Gaster: See you later Professor.

>CNAS and Prof go to the silver door, only to be confronted by Laker and Baker from CNAS-Tale SHORTS part 6<

Laker: I knew I heard something, how did you get here?

>Gaster quickly rushes over there after hearing Laker's voice<

Gaster: Laker, Baker?

Baker: ...Dad?

Gaster: Boys!

>Baker and Laker rush over to Gaster and air-hugs him<

Prof and CNAS: What?

Gaster: CNAS, Prof, meet my genetic sons Baker and Laker.

CNAS: Already bumped into them once. They are kinda cool.

Prof: Did you use the genetic material of your hands to create them?

Gaster: Why yes Professor, I felt empty without anyone to continue my legacy, so I made these two.

Baker: I've met this CNAS guy before, but who is this one?

Prof: Oh, I am Professor, the son of Gaster and CNAS, an don't ask, it's a long story.

Laker: Well I am confused... Well, It's been good catching up with you Dad and meeting you's two properly, but me and Baker gotta go guard some of the outposts.

Baker: That is true. It's been nice, see you's later! We'll make sure to visit you often dad.

Gaster, Prof and CNAS: See you's later.

Prof: We gotta go to, see you father.

Gaster: See you.

Lazy Dressed Meme-ified Offspring
>CNAS and Prof arrive at The Picasso Pad, only to come across CNAS' other son Lazy Dressed Meme-ified Offspring, LDMO for short<

LDMO: Hello dad, hello brother. It's nice to finally meet you.

Prof: Nice to meet you too brother.

LDMO: Oh dad, I made some mods to the hall.

CNAS: Wait what?!

>CNAS runs over to the hallway, now coated in memes<


>LDMO starts shouting OHHHHHH!<

CNAS: ...I don't know whether to be proud or disappointed...

LDMO: It doesn't matter, cause it ain't gonna be undone, now I shall ascend into the heavens on my fidget spinner gyro!

>LDMO grows a giant fidget spinner out of his back, uses it as a makeshift helicopter gyro and flies away<

Prof: Daddy, I'm glad not to be a meme.

CNAS: To be honest, so am I...